About Me

Hi, if you just came to this blog then you are probably wondering what it’s about. It is mostly photos and my day to day life. Now stick with me of my life journey and press the Follow button.

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14 thoughts on “About Me

    • skmatson69@hotmail.com

      Submitted on 2011/07/14 at 11:07 am | In reply to ryubakura.

      Well, round heads look good with bobs and layers.
      narrow faces look good with long hair and curls.
      oval faces look good good with every kind of hair what is your face shape?
      mine is narrow.
      Thanks for leaving the coment

      • Omg! I gave you completely the wrong advice.
        If you have a more round head you do not want to make your face look rounder so you want a hair style with sharper edges, if you have more a square face you want something softer and rounder.


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