My Cat, Tux

My cat report!

Hypoallergenic Means a cat that is less likely to cause you allergies problems.

Sphynx: This cat is associated with being hypoallergenic, this is true but it has its own care instructions you have to clean the gummy residue that forums on its coat. You also have to clean its big ears.
Domestic Short Hair: These cute cats usually have sleek short hair no need for grooming they are mostly a mix of cat breeds (but short hair).
Tabby Cats: Tabby cats are not cat breeds it is actually the pattern of the Cat’s coat! All tabbies have pencil like markings on their face if you look at you and even if you see faded markings on your cats face your cat might have some tabby in her.
 Calico cats: these cats are usually white with spots of other colors on their coat. Also known as tortoiseshell-and-white (in the United Kingdom) or calico (in Canada and the United States).
Siberian: This long haired cat is (Believe it or not) hypoallergenic due to the lower than average enzyme levels in their spit. They are big fuzz balls! Also Siberians can easily jump onto the top of your fridge! But they are very nice pets. The coat of the Siberian actually becomes thicker during winter, even living indoors. So get out you brushes!
What makes some of these cats hypoallergenic is their spit (yes I said S-P-I-T) the lower the enzyme level the better!
So now that you have learned about these felines, go buy one.

Just to let you know I wrote this awhile ago. In that time God gave my family a lovely black and white named Tux. He is not hair-less but, some how my allergies didn’t flair up. I personally believe God gave me this cat.

DSC04650 DSC04882


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